Thursday, June 08, 2006

Interesting Coincidence

I find it very curious that Blogger has been running painfully slowly the day after the Official Google Blog has a post urging folks to lobby Congress to Support Net Neutrality.

Is this an untimely coincidence, or shades of things to come? Are the big phone and cable companies putting the squeeze on Google for speaking up on the "wrong" side of the issue?

Here is what the Blogger Status Blog says, "For many users, Blogger will have been extremely slow or down for most of the morning. We continue to work on fixes for this problem and hope to have it resolved as quickly as possible."

Of course I'm also told by some who are more exprienced than I am that Blogger is notorious for having outages, so maybe I'm just being cynical.

But I've never had a big problem with them in the 6+ moths I've been with the service. And I'm not one to complain about a free service that has as much to offer and is as easy for a beginner to use as Blogger has been for me! As far as my (limited perhaps) experience goes, Blogger is a great platform that I'd recommend for anyone starting out. It is an exceptional low cost way to try blogging out and see if it is a good fit.

Just the same, perhaps it is now officially time to move CREEations to a more reliable and robust (and yes, more expensive) host.

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Robert Bruce said...

Yep, gotta do it. It takes some work if you're a tech dolt like myself, but absolutley worth setting up on your own hosting and domain.

Good luck man.

Rick said...

i started out a few years ago on blogger - wonderful free service for starting the ball rolling. but i jumped ship to typepad last fal '05 because i finally got fed up with the outages and downtime.

you get what you pay for, most times.

Chris Cree said...

Good advice guys! I stayed up last night to see if I could get in with A Small Orange because I like what they offer and what I've been able to find out about their customer service. And I got in!

For the price of a Typepad account (or even less!) I get the full monte - a site will all the bells and whistles.

So now I've got to learn how to wistle with WordPress quickly because I'm going to be moving the blog this weekend!

Ariane from said...

Congratulations on your move! I had to leave blogger when they crashed and burned on me. Both of my blogs froze in publishing warp. I got no responses at all from their "support" email.

I've been living happily ever after at Typepad. I tried Wordpress, but it's a big investment of time for me to learn how to use all the little add ons you have to get to make it do what you want it to do. And I like the security of having a staff paid to support me! But I'm sure you'll love Wordpress far more than Blogger! Good Luck!