Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Bad Thing

Yesterday I did a bad thing. Not bad as in evil, certainly. More like bad as in perhaps a little unwise. You see a good friend of mine started working in a bike shop down in Jacksonville recently. I figured that since I was down there for a job anyway, why not stop in and catch up. Seems like a reasonable plan, doesn’t it?

Now I like motorcycles. I’ve owned a few in my day. My two favorites were an early model one of these and the older one of these that I had back in my Navy days. I am definitely more of a cruiser guy than a sport bike guy. I always figured my dream bike would be something along these lines. But I never really let myself look at them because purchasing one would create a cash flow issue in our household. I am not willing to finance that much of a toy. Besides Gorgeous and I have an agreement. I’m not getting a bike until we can afford to get two because she’s even had a bike back in her day and she has no interest in riding on the back of one. (Hers was more like this one she says.)

Now here’s the link for my buddy’s bike shop:

I figured I was safe going in there because, along with not being much into sport bikes, choppers don’t do much for me either.

I may have miscalculated somewhat.

I didn’t realize that a couple of the models were much more cruiser-like than chopper-ish. And boy were they just enough to bring back those memories of being out on the open road. And apparently these guys down at Big Bike Motorcycles are perfectly able to modify nearly anything about a particular bike to make it into exactly the dream machine you envision. And they are eager to do it too.

The whole experience with these guys was very impressive. And more than a little tempting.

Fortunately I remembered that the cost of buying a motorcycle yesterday would have been far more than a monthly payment that we can’t afford right now. Gorgeous would not have been, shall we say, happy if I had done something that foolish. And she would be totally right to feel that way about it. The knowledge of the potential conflict I would have brought on my self for doing something as silly as buying a motorcycle on impulse kept me in check. That knowledge was good accountability.

But did I mention it was tempting?


Anonymous said...


Sometimes I wonder about you. Then again, sometimes, I'm sure!!! STAY OFF THE STREETBIKES!

Sorry; sometimes my "motherly" instincts just take over. (?)


Chris Cree said...

You think I might be dangerous?
Do Not Be Alarmed!

Where do you think I'm from? Houston?