Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rummage Sale

Gorgeous is outside this morning having a rummage sale to lighten our load of excess stuff.  It is good to get rid of some of your junk every now and then.  Besides, she generates some extra cash periodically by doing this, which is always good to go get more junk with!

I’ve learned some interesting life lessons from her rummage sales over the years…

  • You really never know beforehand what will be popular.  This year all the big ticket items sold within the first hour.  This year the big ticket items were:

    A pleather chair I’ve been dragging around since my bachelorhood. At one time I had a couch to match, but we ditched it years ago.

    My old Kenwood component stereo that I got half price at the Navy Exchange at NAS Cecil field in 1991. It had been in boxes since before we left Florida three years ago.  Gorgeous broke the cabinet for it in the move (yes there’s a story there) and we never set it up here because I couldn’t really find a good spot. It has yet to be replaced.

    The barely used Gazelle Rider exercise thingy.  Just after we got it Gorgeous started going to the Chiropractor for her back and the doc said it was a bad motion for her particular problem.
One sale there was this incredibly tacky ceramic goose that I swore no one would ever pay any money for.  It was literally the first item sold.  Go figure.

  • There are some strange people in this world.  Most of the folks who show up at your typical rummage sale are perfectly normal (whatever that is). But there are some people who obviously have a bit of a problem.  They are addicted to buying other people’s junk. There are people out there who get up most every Saturday morning and hit the neighborhoods looking for the “good deal.”  They have storage spaces crammed with other peoples junk that they never use.  You feel bad selling them stuff because you know you are just feeding their addictions!

  • Sometimes you just have to lay out your junk to meet new people.  We’ve been in this house for nearly two years now and we just met some of folks on our cul-de-sac this morning.  Life can be like that some times.

  • It feels good to finish a big project.  Gorgeous puts a lot of effort into her sales, especially with sorting and pricing.  Oh, and then often there’s the badgering of hubby to sort through his junk to get contributions.  Resistance is futile!  But she always says how good it feels to purge the old stuff.  And I for one am happy for her.


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