Saturday, March 25, 2006

Christian Peacemaker Teams

I’ve been having a running discussion with Dan Traube about the recent incident involving the rescue of three CPT guys who were rescued from their kidnappers the other day over at Stones Cry Out .

Dan seems like a really great guy and our discussion has helped me get my mind around what was bugging me when I first looked into the whole issue of their initial apparent ingratitude for the rescue of their workers. I appreciate the time he took to go back and forth with me. I summed it up this way:

The trouble is the only direct action [the CPT] are willing to take is to “get in the way” of the US and her allies. By routinely interfering with predominately only one political bent, they demonstrate clearly that they are really a political protest organization hiding behind Christian missionary language.

The CPT supporters are quick to emphasize the bravery of the teams that go into dangerous places. There’s no doubt they place themselves in danger.

But is it bravery when they attempt to disguise their political activism as Christian missionary work knowing full well the people they protest most strongly will take a more kindly view of them as missionaries then as political activists?

And that whole discussion, my friends, quickly spins off into the political realm. And we all know that I am steering away from politics here these days…


Dan Trabue said...

Thank you, Chris, for your gracious treatment of this fella with whom you disagree. I'm liking what I'm reading here at your place - you have a very gregarious style that's hard not to like.

I'll be visiting here occasionally, if it's all the same to you.

Chris Cree said...

Come on in. The water's great!