Monday, March 20, 2006

A Reminder

Every now and then you meet someone or hear about someone and you think something like, “man, I thought I had problems…”  Yesterday was on of those times.  I heard a man tell his story and just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse, it did.  Repeatedly.

Fortunately for him, God stepped in and steadied out the rapidly descending out of control downward spiral that he had made of his life.  It was a story that I can relate to.  Fortunately for me, my story has been on a much smaller scale.

It is amazing how often the bad decisions we make usually lead to worse decisions, isn’t it?

The good news is that God knows all about our biggest blunders and still wants to have a relationship with us anyway.  He even put together this intricate plan involving His son to give us a way for that to happen.

One of the things that I took away from that guy’s story was something that was said about it afterwards.  Really it is unhealthy for us to dwell on the mistakes of our past once they have been properly dealt with.

We were told that if we find ourselves stuck in the past, its like driving your car staring in your rearview mirror – if you do, you are going to crash.

Then at lunch, after we had all heard that same story a bunch of us were talking about how hard it can be to back a boat trailer down a boat ramp.  Two of the people said that they can do it pretty easy when they look over their shoulder.  But if they try to do it while looking in the mirror, they mess it up every time.

Funny none of us connected that comment to the message at the time…


Oliver said...

It was indeed quite an impressive testimony. Candid and open ... and completely surprising when you think about the fact that you have seen him around for months.

It always fascinates me to see what happens under the surface ... which is really what God is mainly concerned about. Because when the things under the surface start down the right path, they become more and more transparent.

Oh by the way, you just wait for the Wasabi-punch this next weekend ;-)

Chris Cree said...

I'm looking forward to some really hot stuff this weekend, Ollie.