Saturday, June 10, 2006

Moving is Stressful!

OK. So last night I spent several hours working on moving the blog over to my new home. I get things situated well enough that I thought I could just bite the bullet, make a grand announcement and send everyone over there.

I had about an hour to fiddle this morning before I go to a church leadership meeting then down to Jacksonville for about 12 hours of work.

And I can’t even access my new web site!!!

It’s like it doesn’t even exist. I can’t bring up the hosting control panel, log into WordPress, or even see the blog from the outside.

I must have done something wrong last night. I put a support request ticket in with the help desk but I don’t know if they will get it back up at all today.

This just in…

Oh, I just got a response from the help desk (less than 30 minute response time!). They said, “The server has been experiencing some kernal errors.”

Don’t have a clue what kernel errors are (sounds crunchy!). But they assure me they are working on it and the site should be back up soon.

At lest I didn’t mess things up on my end!

So enjoy the new site (when they get it back up…)

P.S. I still have a whole lot of unpacking to do over there at my new home!


UPDATE: Just passing through after my meeting on my way out of town for work and they've updated my trouble ticket to tell me they had a hardware failure. They are waiting on a part and expect to have the server, and my new blog, back up sometime today.

Don't know what a RAID controller is, but it sounds serious. (My guess is it has something to do with the war on terror somehow!)

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Joseph said...

Hey Chris,
I just tried the link to your new site, No Page...
A kernel error is usually pretty serious in my experience, so it may take them a while to fix.
Good Luck in your new home.

Chris Cree said...

Yeah. Just passing through after my meeting on the way to Jax and I see they updated my trouble ticket. Apparently they had a piece of hardware go bad and they've got to get it from a vendor.

They expect to get a new RAID controller in and the site back up sometime today.

RAID controller... No clue what that is but it sounds like something you might need to combat piracy or terrorism or something. Anyway it sounds serious.

Maybe it is a good thing I have to work out of town for the next 12 hours. I won’t have time to stress about it. ;)