Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Free-For-All (in the shape of) ECONOMICS!

I took some time this morning for some shameless promotion of my little blog. (I just emailed some of you in my contacts list.)And then I dropped some of my cabling in my coffee. (My system is a little jury-rigged.)

It all got me thinking about the role of profit incentive (not to be confused with prophet incentive, by the way, which is something altogether different I think.) Not that I am making any money blogging here. But in my case I do want there to be someone out there who thinks what I say here is worth the effort to read. So I guess “readership” would be my measure of “profit.”

It’s weak, I know. But it is also early in the morning and I am dealing with cables in my coffee.

Anyway, take a moment to read this short speech by Walter E. Williams called The Entrepreneur as American Hero and let me know what you think.


1 comment:

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