Sunday, September 25, 2005

He Said What!?

Today our pastor actually said the word booger from the stage during the message. I wonder if some people were offended…

He was talking about how one of the things that happens when we are in community is that we look out for one another. And he brought up the fact that there is someone he could trust to let him know if he happened to have a booger hanging from his nose. He’s right, by the way. It wouldn’t do to have a pastor of a big church out and about with a booger hanging out there. He should have someone around who feels comfortable enough to let him know about it so he can rectify the problem.

Me personally, I thought it was a good use of the word, completely appropriate context. But then Gorgeous and I have a bit of a reputation as being the "bodily function" couple. It is not uncommon for a conversation we are involved in to eventually go "there." Part of it is because Gorgeous used to work with animals and has lots of good stories. The other part of it is that I am a bit of an immature guy and find the whole subject exceedingly funny. Call me infantile…


Update 27 September 2005

If you want hear or see the entire message, go here. It's Part 1 - We Need Each Other.

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