Friday, September 16, 2005

Technology Question

OK. Here’s the short version.

Do you think it’s time to replace the Windows 98, 233 MHz system we got as a wedding present from my parents all those years ago? I’m serious when I say that this is the only machine we have at the house. (Full disclosure: I can do some things on my laptop from work in a pinch. But I don’t want to clutter it up with a bunch of personal stuff.)

I mean we are to the point now that even the $299 teaser system on the front of the Dell catalogue is WAY better than what we’ve got. It should be a no-brainer.

But I’m cheap. Or more accurately I’m loathe to put any money on credit. And I don’t have the extra cash flow to buy even the $300 model. I keep putting it off every time we have a little extra cash. I’ve been dragging my heals for years on this. Any time we have some extra money it usually finds someplace to go before I get around to upgrading.

I’ve also been sort of waiting until I can afford what I really want. But what I want… Hooo Boy…

You see Gorgeous doesn’t share my refined taste for the finer gadgetry of this world. So somehow I feel like spending any money on computer stuff would be motivated by my own selfish craving for faster, better, more powerful. I know, I know. I’m a guy and things that go whoosh and BOOM! are cool. It just can’t be helped.

But at the same time, enough is enough. Isn’t it?

I just spent over an hour getting totally overwhelmed on the Dell web site. There are way too many options. The big one is new vs. refurbished. And if I go refurbished, how do I decide on which one? And do those refurbished systems come with monitors? I don’t see where it says anywhere one way or the other.

I want a cheap basic system to get me through for a year or so until we can afford to get something better.

Any suggestions?

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