Sunday, September 18, 2005

Our Differences

Since today is Sunday, how about a little light theology?

“I’ll take ‘A little light theology’ for $400, Alex.”

And the answer is: The reason God made so much diversity among us.


OK. Here it is as a question. Why did God use so much diversity in His creation?

Too big? Then let’s set aside all the different species of life for a moment and focus in on us humans. (Like Robin Williams said, what was God thinking when He came up with the platypus?) Next set aside all the obvious physical differences like height, weight, skin color, etc. Just to make it easier to talk about, focus in on just the “intangible” things that make all of us, well, all of us. I’m talking about things like personalities, preferences, tastes, talents, skills and abilities. Why such a variety?

One example: I have a brother and a sister. In some ways my brother and I are a lot a like despite our 20 year age difference. But he inexplicably seems to like brussel sprouts. My sister and I are of the opinion that, when cooked just right, they are perfect for creating a powerful gag reflex. And I’ve shared that Gorgeous is a morning person and I am definitely not.

God could have made us all the same. It might have made for less conflict. But then, I’m pretty sure I’d get on my nerves after a while if I was all I saw my whole life. Where was I?

Oh, yes. He could have made us all the same, but He didn’t. Why?

Was it so that He’d look good for being so creative? I actually think that might be part of it.

But I heard a guy give a really interesting take on that recently. (Here's his blog). He’s our pastor. He’s pretty smart. Well, he’s actually not my pastor here in Savannah. He’s up in Charleston. But he is our Senior Pastor. It’s… Well, it’s a little complicated. Our church web site can explain.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Greg’s take on why we’re all so different. He thinks one big reason is so that we all need each other. It’s a good point. If we are all equally good at everything then we probably wouldn’t be as likely to reach out to others because we wouldn’t have to. When you think about how self centered we naturally are you can easily imagine us each isolating ourselves into our own little worlds. Then think about how the differences between us force us to interact with one another.

Gorgeous thinks I’m pretty good with these computer thingies. And I do muddle through well enough. But I still run into questions about once a month or so that make me reach out to the G-man, or to my dad. When it comes to home improvement, I’m like a drowning man. I’ll reach out for most anyone to throw me a rope. Car repair? I’m going to an expert. I’ll pay handsomely for it too.

Anyway, you get the idea. The fact that we all have different personalities, tastes, and interests naturally drive us to pursue different passions and develop different skills. Those different skills give us a way to reach out to help others in our area of expertise. And they force us to call out to others for help from time to time.

It is something to think about and thank God for today. We need each other. Not only do you need others to help you, there are others who need exactly what you bring to the table to help them get through.

I think that’s a pretty good system.


Anonymous said...

Really like it. I enjoyed reading through all of your entries and clicking on the links you provided. I liked your thoughts about the message today. Looking forward to reading more. (LCF)

Chris Cree said...

Hey Lady, thanks for the feed back. I got your email.

Now if the Navy would just get their act together and get their site back up and running again...

There are two more storms out there right now!