Monday, April 10, 2006

Odds Ends

Had a conversation with a lady yesterday who’s fairly new to town. Said they came here from Fellowship Bible Church and first heard about our church here in Savannah online with a web search. Our campus is still pretty small so I think it is pretty cool that someone found us first online.

Our house is about ½ mile from not one, but two sets of railroad tracks. It is far enough away that it doesn’t shake things in the house (much). But it is close enough that there is no doubt when trains are going through. And we get a fair number of them too because both sets of tracks are fairly active. When we first moved in I was concerned that the passing trains might get annoying after a while. But after being here a couple of years they have become sort of a comfort sound that makes me feel at home. Funny, that.

Mark Batterson said they had a bit of a challenge this weekend. The theaters that they have church in Sunday mornings flooded with sewage Saturday night. That kind of makes some of the challenges we’ve had seem like small potatoes! Theater knee deep in popcorn because the cleaning crew didn’t show over night? Have to have church somewhere else because they are showing Narnia? The guys broke in because we were locked out? (“really officer, we’re a church. Honest.”) Well at least there isn’t sewage flowing through the theater!!!

Dilbert's Boss is up to his usual tricks today.

Tony Morgan was up to manly things this weekend.

Lastly, I want to formally apologize to my neighbors for not cutting the grass before it started to rain on Saturday. I promise I will level out the weeds tomorrow…

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