Wednesday, May 17, 2006

About CREEations

CREEations is a blog of practical life philosophy based on my sleep deprived life juggling a marriage, maritime industry career, volunteer commitments, cat ownership, writing, yard work, and massive coffee consumption.

My goal is to challenge the way you look at your world. Sometimes I’m profound, other times just plain silly, but I’m sure you’ll find I spend most of my time somewhere in between.

Here’s what Liz Strauss over at the Successful Blog has to say about CREEations:
“SOB Chris Cree’s blog is upbeat a nice place to go when the world has been a little too much and you want to have a space to breathe. His posts shed a little light on humanity and how to face the world with a positive outlook. They’re easy to read and rest easy on the mind. I think of Chris’ blog as a great place to unwind.”
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