Friday, May 19, 2006

A Bit of a Discussion

We’re having a bit of a discussion over at the Da Vinci Code post from the other day.

Voice in the Wilderness says that the only winners in the whole hubbub are going to be the publishers and movie studios. (Check out his blog. He’s got a refreshing perspective on church and Christianity in general.)

Tania from Germany and I have been discussing the source of guidance we look to. She’s got a lot to add that stimulates conversation. (I wish she had a blog I could link to for you. I bet it would be a good read!)

Here’s your assignment for today: Go read the comments, then come back here. I can hang out for a minute or two until you get back. (Oh, and you can re-read the post too if you want a refresher on how the conversation started.)

When you come back here, join the conversation by sharing how you figure out when you are on the right course or not by posting a comment below.

Or just share your thoughts on the whole Da Vinci Code Hubbub. Are there winners in the whole thing? If so, then who is loosing?

I’ll go get another cup of coffee and wait here.

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Voice in the Wilderness said...

Your question presupposes that, if there are winners, there HAS to be losers. I'm not sure I'm ready to grant you that, but IF I do go along with you, then my nominees for the Best Loser in the DaVinci Code Movie Controversy are:

[tearing open envelope]

- (if what some of the initial reviews say is true) Anyone who bought a movie ticket to see a mediocre movie.
- All of us Christians who have had to endure all the blathering on from our pulpits and Christian media while other important topics have been ignored.
- Those who wasted money buying all of the anti-DaVinci Code books, CDs, DVDs, pamphlets, t-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers preparing for a battle that will never really take place when the whole thing pooters out in about 30 days.

Chris Cree said...

That's quite a list!

I agree that just because someone wins doesn't necessarily mean that someone else has to loose.

We humans have a tendency to fall into a binary trap: “If I get something then someone else must have lost something in order for that to have happened.” And it’s often not true, is it?

Big Ear Creations said...

The fact that a Tom Hanks movie can rattle Chistendom is bizarre. It's kinda sad actually that this makes even a blip in our lives. To me, it just shows me that we are in even greater need of God to function BIGGER in our world.

Think about it... if there was a news story about a dead person being raised in your city (by the way, do you know Bobby Sullivan... Evangelist friend of mine who spends quite a bit of time in Savanah)... how much creedance would be given to people's Christinity doubts because of a century's old painting and a work of fiction?

Just a thought

Chris Cree said...

I agree that a work of fiction being so vexing to so many is sad.

I think the reason for it, though, is that so few bother to think through their own beliefs and why they belive what they say they do.

Then when something comes along that says something different, they get all discombobulated by it.

I'm not familiar with Bobby Sulivan. But then I don't get out much either...

Tania from Germany said...

It's gonna be a little off-topic...
Chris, you've made my day!
I was so pleased and encouraged by what you wrote about me. I'm indeed about to create my own blog. And it will be in German, my English is just too "poor". Even though I'd love to write a bilingual blog...may be, one day.
I enjoyed our discussion and am still "chewing".
So thank you!

Chris Cree said...


Your English is infinitely better than my German! The only word I know in your native tongue I learned back in my Navy days. {Bier}

Although I did upset a couple in Hamburg one evening when I couldn’t give them directions or some such. {English? I only speak English… American?}

I believe they thought I was impersonating a German on the street. I guess I just have that look…