Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Rainy Day

Last night Gorgeous and I went to sleep with the lightning flashing and thunder rumbling. I don’t know if it rained all night, but it is raining as I get up and get moving this morning. And while the thunder isn’t as loud right now I can still hear some rumbling in the distance.

As we were settling in Gorgeous said, “I like it when it rains.” And I do too. I love stormy weather.

There’s something thrilling about seeing the sky darken and the trees start swaying as the wind picks up. And then as the rain picks up, the lightning starts crashing. There’s always a feeling that you could be in danger. I love being out in it if I can find a way to stay dry. I always want to be able to smell the storm as it blows through.

I always feel a little disappointed when we run from a hurricane. I know it is the wise thing to do, get out of the way. But I can’t help feeling a little envious of the silly folks on TV trying to stand and be heard in the wind where the storm comes ashore.

When we lived in the condo in Florida we had a screen porch. I would go out there and sit sometimes for hours and enjoy the thunder storms. I remember a particularly strong storm one night. Gorgeous slid the door back and suggested that it was getting pretty bad and I might want to come back inside. I gave her some manly bluster about there being no danger.

Within five minutes there was a lightning strike that must have been really close because the thunder was shattering and practically preceded the flash. I made an equally manly retreat back inside, giggling some nervous chatter about how I’d seen enough. That adrenalin rush lasted me for quite a while.

I think we found Fat Boy under the bed.

Rainy weather is the best for sleeping. Why is that?

The truth is I would much rather crawl back under the covers this morning than head off to meet with the guys at Starbuck’s. Really there is nothing better than a snooze during a storm. Maybe that’s another reason why I like the rain. It goes hand and glove with my love of sleepy time.

The only time in my life when I didn’t really like the nasty weather was when I was flying with the Navy. Airplanes and thunderstorms don’t mix. Especially when you are trying to land. At the carrier.

I can give myself shivers thinking about it. Some of the most scared I’ve ever been in my life involved night traps with the lightning destroying my vision and the plane bouncing around on final from the turbulence.

Fortunately I was never splattered into the fantail at the back of the ship, what we called the spud locker. I don’t know why we called it that. The Navy’s got some weird traditions.

Anyway I’m off to hang with the guys over coffee, then head into work. It looks to keep the rain up most of the day. Our lawn will appreciate the drink. But here’s to hoping that there is nothing but desk work for us today!

Stay dry.


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HolyMama! said...

sleeping while it rains is so wonderful. i wish my kids thought so!

Chris Cree said...

Would your kids want to be under the bed with Fat Boy?

If so, they are probably smarter than me. You guys have to think about tornadoes out where you are. I'll take hurricanes any day over one of those. At least with a hurricane you can see it coming and get out of the way.