Friday, May 05, 2006

Did Ya See the Swicki?

You may have noticed some of the different features around the blog here. Today let’s highlight a few.

If you are looking for a particular post or wondering if I’ve ever written about a topic, the best place thing to do is use the Google search box under my profile in the right column. Just click the CREEations button before you hit search and you will find everything written here on that.

I posted a while back about how to subscribe to the feed. Or you can enter your email address into the box below the feed count chicklett and get CREEations sent to your email box every day.

Did you notice the customized CREEations swicki near the bottom of the right column? The swicki is customized search engine designed to give more focused searches about things you find written about here at the blog. The best part about the swicki is that it will learn and give more relevant search results over time the more it is used.

You may also be wondering what’s the deal with the Google Ads. I am seriously contemplating upgrading the blog considerably. That means moving from to my own domain name. (Unfortunately is already taken. How weird is that to have another guy out there sharing your name?) But moving the blog also means paying for things like hosting ( is free).

Since Gorgeous helps keep my spending on track, I put up a few ads to help offset these costs. Google will pay me a few cents anytime someone clicks on an ad on CREEations. Of course that someone can’t be me or Gorgeous or Google would shut us out of their ad program. Permanently. I’ve tried to keep the ads as un-obnoxious as possible so you can ignore them if you want.

But if you ever see anything in the ads that is remotely interesting, click on it and check it out. You will learn about something new. Google will pay me a few cents for the click. And if you find that what you clicked on isn’t really as interesting as you thought, just hit the back button and forget about it. No harm. No foul.

That about covers it. Thanks for reading.